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You know those collectibles you got from your Grandparents? Well, they might be worth something

Collectors may be looking for those things that you have stored in your attic, garage or closets. People have been known to collect all sorts of strange items. On my first trip to Europe, in my college days, I collected toilet paper, strange as that might sound. We were on the "poverty tour", staying in youth hostels and student hotels where there was no charmin to squeeze. Some of the paper was brown and rough, like cheap paper towels. At the Royal sites in England, it was almost like wax paper, without the wax. They even marked it with "property of her royal majesty", or something like that. I'm going to have to dig up that collection, its in a box somewhere.

So bring in those collectibles, strange or not, to Pickwick Papers, Books and Antiques. We will let you know if they might be a good addition to our next consignment auction.

#antiques #memorabilia

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